Martín Rodriguez

Martín's musical and artistic explorations are rooted in his colourful experiences coming from a Polish-Mexican-American home. Influenced by environmental sounds he draws a connection between the instinctive sonic communication occurring in nature and how human beings harness sound for their means of expression to create sonic environments which are living, listening, and engaging in the present.

In 2012 his project “Open La Puerta” dealing with fragmented perceptions of his cultural heritage received funding from the CALQ, as well as the M.A.I. Catching the attention of AUX.TV as one of “11 Canadian crossover bands that are innovating with jazz”. In 2014, Martin's interest in interactive installations and a brian tumor diagnosis lead to, “Cabezón” an immersive interactive performance environment exploring how we, as individuals and/or as a community, react when confronted with unexpected life-changing experiences that cross our path.

In addition to his personal artistic explorations, Martín works as Technical Director and Lab Coordinator at Eastern Bloc, an artist run centre based in Montreal.